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Customers throughout Westchester County can purchase wine on consignment at Cask Fine and Rare Wines. We work with various manufacturers, warehouses, and distribution centers to offer a wide selection of fine wines. Whether you’re looking to stock up for a special occasion or want to start a wine cellar collection, we have many options that fit a variety of tastes and preferences. Learn more about wine consignment sales and our services at Cask Fine and Rare Wines.

What Are Wine Consignment Sales?

Wine consignment sales are the process of purchasing bulk amounts of wine. Cases of wine typically include 12 bottles, but some may only come with three or six.

Customers must place orders through Cask Fine and Rare Wines to order wine consignments. We then notify the appropriate warehouse, which ships the product directly to customers. This makes wine shopping even more convenient for customers, as they don’t have to browse around the store for their favorite wine. A wine consignment can be perfect if you enjoy specific wines and rarely deviate from your typical favorites. It’s also great for wine connoisseurs looking to start a wine collection.

Who Uses Wine Consignment Sales?

While restaurants and other businesses typically purchased wine on consignment in the past, the COVID-19 pandemic changed how this works. Before, regular consumers didn’t see a need to order wine in bulk. But as stores closed and customers had to stay home, they started using wine consignment sales more and more. Now, it is a popular service that many customers have continued to use to supply dinner parties, friendly gatherings, and other events.

Individuals looking to invest in fine wines are another group who purchase wine on consignment. Wine consignment sales allow shoppers to browse rare, valuable wines and purchase from an authenticated dealer. Because wine consignment only sells in bulk, investors purchase multiple of the same type of wine. This makes for a perfect start to a long-standing wine cellar collection.

Benefits of Wine Consignment

One of the most notable benefits of purchasing wine on consignment is that customers can access rarer, popular wines that may not be accessible in stores. Wine consignment gives you exclusive access to a broader selection of wines shipped directly to you.

Purchasing wine on consignment also means these wines are authentic. Because you are buying directly from a reputable wine company, you can be assured that the wine you purchase has been stored correctly and with accurate information about origins and history. This ensures that wines are consistently genuine and of high quality.

Tips for Purchasing Wine on Consignment

If you’re looking to purchase cellared selections on consignment for a wine collection, there are many aspects to consider. First, you should research and explore the most quality wine brands. While these bottles can be more costly, they provide the quality and authenticity you look for in a fine wine. Investors should also explore wines from up-and-coming regions and well-known wine producers. These types of wines may be worth more in the future, meaning you can make the most out of your investment.

Investors of fine wine should also consider purchasing the wines they most enjoy. While starting an extensive, quality wine collection can be exciting, wine is meant to be enjoyed and consumed. Always be sure to keep a few bottles of your favorites for special occasions.

Shop Our Selection of Wines at Cask Fine and Rare Wines

Located in Katonah, New York, Cask Fine and Rare Wines provides customers across Westchester County with wine consignment and other services. We consistently update our wine selections based on the time of year and availability. This provides unique, abundant options for wine consignment sales. With over 50 years of combined experience in the fine and rare wine industry, customers can receive assistance with selecting the right wine flavors and types. To learn more about our wine consignment sales, contact us today.


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