Wine Tasting in Katonah, NY

Clerk presents wine to group gathered at fine wine store tasting event

Would you like to learn more about wine and wine tasting? It’s an endeavor that yields many rewards because knowledge and appreciation of wine can enhance travel and cooking and enable you to host wine tastings and similar events. It's also an opportunity to learn about how grapes are grown and harvested, and the variety of processes used to create fine wine. Serving Westchester County, Cask Fine and Rare Wines in Katonah, New York, offers complimentary wine tastings at our store. Discover the many different tastes and colors of wine, and how to better appreciate what’s in your glass.

Weekly Complimentary Wine Tasting

People enjoy wine in many ways. It may be for a special occasion, and hosts might bring out their finest wines. You might also wish to enjoy a glass during dinner or to relax at the end of the day. Regardless of the reason, you may wish to learn more about wines to expand your palate. At Cask Fine and Rare Wines, we hold wine tastings on Saturday afternoons, as busy weekend schedules wind down. You’ll find a welcoming and educational atmosphere for wine tasting.

We also hold specialized wine-tasting events on other days and at various times. Our goal is to give customers a chance to taste wines from different regions or sourced from different grapes, or simply introduce them to something unique. The staff at Cask Fine and Rare Wines are well-informed about wine tasting and the specifics of the wines under consideration.

Our in-house expert, Brian Maurice, graduated at the top of his class at Le Cordon Bleu Paris, with certificates in enology and cuisine. During his career, Maurice has continued to pursue the study of wine and participate in the business of wine as a buyer and consultant. Our customers benefit from his in-depth knowledge and inspiring selections for wine-tasting events.

Educational Classes at Cask Fine and Rare Wines

If you want to learn how to taste wine like a pro, sign up for an educational event at Cask Fine and Rare Wines in Katonah, New York. Throughout the year, we offer fun, informative gatherings where we use wine-tasting techniques to evaluate and compare wines. Customers can gain an appreciation for the different categories in our wine selection. We illustrate how to pour, sniff, and taste wine, and discuss some of the characteristics inherent in varieties, vineyards, winemaker styles, and other signifiers of the fine wine experience.

Specialized Knowledge and Experience

In addition to wine-tasting events, our customers can take advantage of our experience with food and wine pairings. Consult with us on your menus for dinners or parties. Whether you want assistance with holiday food and wine pairing or incorporating the fresh flavors of spring, we can help with delicious suggestions.

Let us help make your next family celebration or business event memorable with inspired food and wine choices. If you'd like to plan a wine-tasting party in your own home, let us help you select the wines for a successful event, perhaps incorporating a few fine cellared selections from Cask Fine and Rare Wines.

Wine tasting is a relaxed activity, filled with camaraderie and conversation. It's a great way to get to know new friends or learn together with old friends. Given the breadth of wine production around the world, it seems there's always something more to learn about wine. Explore vintages, varieties, and geographic differences. At Cask Fine and Rare Wines wine-tasting events, you can deepen your knowledge of wines you already enjoy, while meeting new favorites.

Join Us for Wine Tasting in Katonah, New York

We encourage you to walk in and take a look at our wine selection. Cask Fine and Rare Wines offer a rotating, curated selection. You will find well-valued mainstream bottles and cases of wine, as well as rarer, collectible options.

Learn more about wine at our weekly wine-tasting events and take advantage of other educational opportunities. We have found that the more our customers learn about wine, the more they enjoy it. Whether you want to develop confidence in selecting wine, further your knowledge of enology, or gain exposure to more types of wine, Cask Fine and Rare Wines can help. Contact us today.


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