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Wines under $50 to Impress Your Family and Friends

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Wines under $50 to Impress Your Family and Friends

Attending family gatherings can be an exciting time, but you never want to be the one to show up empty-handed. Consider bringing a delicious, luxury wine to your next party – and the best part is that you don’t have to break the bank.

It can be a misconception that wines must be expensive to be tasty or of good quality. While an expensive, finely aged wine can be fulfilling, there are many options for both red and white wines under $50. At Cask Fine and Rare Wines, we provide quality, luxury wines that cater to everyone’s tastes and preferences. Here, we discuss the best wines under $50 that are sure to impress your family and friends.

Best Red Wine under $50

Red wine is a classic alcoholic beverage for any party, and it can pair well with many foods synonymous with gatherings. For example, red wine can be an ideal drink with meals heavy in red meats, like steak. However, each type of red wine is different. They evoke different notes, flavors, and spices to deliver an unmatched tasting experience. Whether you’re looking for the right gift or something to enjoy with the family, red wine can be a great option.

Cask Fine and Rare Wines provides plenty of options for good red wine under 50 dollars. We recommend the following options:

2020 Domaine Cayron Gigondas

2020 Domaine Cayron Gigondas red wine is ideal for those who enjoy subtly sweet flavors of spice cake and red fruit. You can also find interesting notes of spicy white pepper, candied licorice, and florals. With its quality flavors and production process, this wine can deliver a thoughtful, luxury gift to those who receive it.

2019 Uccelliera Rapace

2019 Uccelliera Rapace wine can be great for family parties because of its sweet, fruity flavors. It features cherry and blackberry flavors, as well as sweet spice and orange peel notes. Drinkers will especially love the delicious aftertaste that lingers even after sipping. This red wine is made with a combination of Cabernet, Sangiovese, and Merlot.

2021 Sandhi Pinot Noir Santa Rita Hills

With a medium ruby color, those who purchase the 2021 Sandhi Pinot Noir Santa Rita Hills can enjoy a refreshing, acidic texture. This wine also features a cranberry and red cherry core with scents of cinnamon and other spices. That, combined with the reasonable price point, can make an ideal gift for any party with family or friends.

Best White Wine under $50

Because of its abundant varieties, you can find a white wine that pairs well with anything. That makes white wine an ideal gift for family gatherings. White wines go best with light foods such as chicken, salads, cheese, fish, and shellfish. You can also enjoy sweet white wines with dessert to experience an incredible flavor profile.

There is no shortage of white wine supply at Cask Fine and Rare Wines, and customers can find quality, delicious options for under $50. We recommend the following white wines:

2022 Frantz Chagnoleu Vire- Clesse ‘Les Raspilleres’

The incredible 2022 Frantz Chagnoleu Vire- Clesse ‘Les Raspilleres’ white wine is great for any gathering, featuring a mineral-driven palate. Grown on active limestone soils, drinkers will enjoy the delicious flavors and notes that pair well with any meal.

2021 Raul Perez ‘Ultreia’ Godello

This 2021 Raul Perez ‘Ultreia’ Godello wine is made with a ripe mineral profile and ferments for about one year in barriques and foudres. With 13.5% alcohol and grapes plucked from home-grown vines, this wine can deliver quality and luxury to gift receivers.

Find Wine Gifts under $50 at Cask Fine and Rare Wines

With extensive expertise in the world of fine wines, Cask Fine and Rare Wines can help customers find exactly what they need. Whether you’re attending a special occasion or casual family gathering, we can help you find the right wine or liquor that meets all your preferences and expectations. Located in Katonah, New York, we serve customers across Westchester County. To learn more about finding wine gifts under $50, contact us today.


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