Caffo Vecchio Amaro del Capo 750ml

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  • The flagship amaro of the Fratelli Caffo Distillery, produced in Limbadi, Italy
  • Made with neutral grain spirit and 29 Southern Italian botanicals both harvested and hand foraged
  • Botanicals include sweet and bitter oranges, tangerine, chamomile, juniper, licorice, anise, mint, and hyssop
  • All botanicals are harvested at peak ripeness and maturity then immediately macerated to capture the truest expression of each ingredient
  • After each ingredient is macerated separately, the spirits are married in neutral oak barrels where the mixture rests until deemed ready. The resting barrels operate under a solera system; rested spirit is taken from the barrel as new vattings are added.
  • Sweetened with sugar beet sugar and proofed with water sourced from beneath the distillery; rested in stainless steel before bottling
  • Production time, from maceration to bottling, takes approximately one year
  • Aromas of Mandarin orange peel, mint, anise, and cinnamon bark prime the palate for complementary flavors of bitter orange, clove, licorice, and spicy juniper; tangerine, chamomile, and allspice linger prominently on an ever-shifting finish
  • 35% ABV

The 29 botanicals sourced from around the distillery in Southern Italy paint a picture of the terroir of the region with local herbs, fruits, flowers, roots, and spices. Traditionally served chilled to cut through the Calabrian heat, enjoy this botanically complex yet delightfully approachable amaro cold, at room temperature, or in cocktails, to observe how the expression changes and develops as its herbal aromatics give way to warm fruit with balanced acidity.


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