Akashi Whisky Whisky Highball

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  • Ready-to-drink, canned Akashi Japanese whisky highball from Eigashima Shuzo in Akashi, Japan
  • Unpeated Akashi blended Japanese whisky combined with a small amount of American whiskey (approximately 10%) and carbonated water for a classic Japanese Highball
  • The Akashi whisky is a blend of non-age-statement malt and grain whiskies distilled from wheat, unpeated barley, and rye; the small percentage of American whiskey is distilled from a mash bill of 95% wheat and 5% barley
  • Carbonated and packaged in Camarillo, California
  • Pleasantly effervescent on the tongue, offering gentle waves of honeyed grain with a touch of lingering tannin. This is an effortless highball—before you know it, you’ll be down to the final sip.
  • 8% ABV

Long appreciated for its simplicity and elegance in proportion, the Japanese highball perfectly exemplifies how, with attention to detail, a beautifully distilled whisky can be transformed into a refreshing, revelatory long drink. Akashi combines ceremony with convenience in this thoughtfully executed 12-ounce RTD, blended with the ingredients’ ideal proportions in mind—in this case, 1 part whisky to 5 parts club soda. Enjoy ice-cold, either in the can or poured into a tall glass over a large piece of ice.


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