Chazalettes Vermouth Extra Dry 750ml

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Vermouth is an aromatized wine made with a wine base and aromas, which in Chazalettes’ case are natural extract of herbs and spices. The only other ingredients used are alcohol and sugar. When Clemente Chazalettes moved to Torino, Italy in 1860, he brought with him the learnings and traditions of the French “using a dry white wine as a base and exploiting the great bo- tanical richness of the Alps. This is one of the reasons for the uniqueness of Extra Dry in the Italian vermouths scenario.

Crafted from the hand written recipes and side notes added by the members of the family over decades, which is incredibly rare. Spices and herbs are dried, diced and then separately macerated in a solu- tion of alcohol and water. The composition of this solution , the tem- perature and the duration are different for every herb spice (from a few days to a month). The extract of the different ingredients are separately added to the wine to create the unique formula. Wine is 75% of the final product.

An authentic and original Extra Dry Vermouth di Torino produced according to the recipe of Chazalettes family, who in 1860 moved from Savoy to Torino and here started the production of its vermouths and spirits in 1876. Citrus peels freshness is beautifully balanced by Pied- mont alpine herbs roundness with recalls of juniper and other spices.


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