Don Vicente Tequila Blanco 750ml

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Formed as a partnership with famed maestro tequilero Felipe Camarena and produced at Camarena’s ‘El Pandillo’ fabrica (NOM 1579), Don Vicente Tequila is one of a small number of acclaimed brands leading what could aptly be described as the New Wave of modern tequila. Rooted in the innovative techniques of Felipe’s engineering background, Don Vicente Tequila straddles a distinct space between family heritage and inspired futurism.

Estate-grown agave is cooked in a traditional steam oven which has been amended with jets both above and below, balancing temperatures throughout and reducing labor. Agave is milled twice—first using a small, 15 hp mechanical shredder (nicknamed “Igor”) and then by a mechanized stone tahona (made of found parts and dubbed “Frankenstein”), both built by Felipe himself. After distillation using a more copper pot, the spirit is finally aerated in steel tanks, allowing it to open and integrate more fully prior to bottling. A beautiful marriage of old and new, this tequila can span the ages!


  • Tequila produced in Jesús Maria, Jalisco (Los Altos) at El Pandillo (NOM 1579)
  • Maestro Tequilero Felipe Camarena
  • Produced from 100% Azul (Agave tequilana)
  • Cooked in a unique stone oven with steam jets above & below
  • Milled using a mechanical stone tahona
  • Fermented with proprietary yeast in stainless steel tanks using deep well water
  • Distilled twice using traditional copper pot stills
  • Oxygenated in steel tanks before bottling
  • Boldly vegetal, with notes of sweet garden peas, white and black peppercorns, fresh chives, and Meyer lemon zest with a more confectionary mid-palate of hazelnut nougat, vanilla bean, egg custard, and white chocolate, all against a scaffolding of minerality driven by petrichor, saline, and cold steel
  • Verified additive-free by Tequila Matchmaker
  • 40% ABV


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