Giffard Abricot de Roussillon 750ml

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Èmile Giffard was a pharmacist before he was a distiller, but in 1885—inspired by the scorching heat of summer—he sought to create something that would cool and refresh his clientele. Lucky for them (and for us), Èmile was also a gourmand and began researching the digestive properties of mint as he embarked on his endeavor. Using steam distillation of Mitcham peppermint, Èmile created a liqueur that was as delicious as it was refreshing. Giffard Menthe Pastille, named after the French candies at the time (the name translates to “mint drop”), found instant popularity with the locals. Èmile promptly turned his pharmacy into a distillery and established the tradition and quality for which Giffard is known worldwide. This was only the beginning.

Four generations and over a century later, the Giffard family continues Émile’s tradition, using the finest ingredients and time-tested methods to create their liqueurs. Today, the care taken to create and produce each one remains the same.


  • A versatile and complex entry to Giffard’s Premium range of liqueurs which highlight ingredients with unique origins and specific varieties of botanicals with celebrated aromas and flavors
  • Rouge du Roussillon apricots are slowly macerated in neutral spirit to bring out the warm intensity of the fruit
  • Fresh apricot juice is added to sweeten the liqueur and impart a natural tartness
  • The bouquet of Giffard’s Abricot du Roussillon is revealed in stages: the sweetness of very ripe apricot at first, then fresh vegetal notes, finishing with sweet spices, vanilla. Caramelized apricot leads the palate, followed by subtle hints of almond and a crisp, tart finish, like fresh apricot compote.
  • Non-chill filtered; 25% ABV

It is surprisingly difficult to find a perfect apricot, but Giffard remedies this problem with perfect fruit year-round. Abricot du Roussillon is the perfect ingredient for classic cocktails such as the Pendennis Club, and may even act as a substitute for apricot brandy!


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