Abrojo Blue Label Gin 750ml

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Well known for his commitment to sustainability and agricultural responsibility throughout production, maestro mezcalero Gonzalo Martinez Sernas has spent years developing Abrojo Gin both as an outlet for the leftover agave fibers, which otherwise become a significant waste byproduct of mezcal, and to explore his love of gin as one of the world’s classical spirits from outside Mexico.

Recycling (or “upcycling”) the spent agave from his family’s mezcal production, Gonzalo re-mills the bagasse by hand, using a massive wooden mallet and long wooden canoe, extracting further sugars and diverse bacteria in the process. The results are combined incrementally with spring water, refermented using only the wild yeast in the palenque’s atmosphere, and distilled using either copper (Artesanal) or clay (Ancestal) stills. On the second pass through the stills, juniper is added alongside an array of other botanicals, all sourced from the local Oaxacan district of Tlacolula. 

The result is enchanting: a gin which speaks to its provenance deeply, combining an indigenous botanical profile with a backbone forged from Oaxaca’s most iconic traditional spirit, speaking to the category’s growing prestige on the international stage.


  • Gin distilled from local botanicals and the spent agave from mezcal production in the district of Tlacolula in Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca
  • Maestro destilador Gonzalo Martinez
  • After its use in his family’s mezcal production, spent agave fiber (bagasse) is re-milled by hand using a large wooden mallet
  • Combined incrementally with spring water and refermented using only wild yeast
  • Distilled once on a clay still (Ancestral) before 15 locally sourced botanicals are added in the second distillation
  • Highlighted botanicals include juniper, hoja santa (Mexican pepperleaf), basil, cinnamon, guava, orange & lime peel, eucalyptus, lemon grass, and mint; all botanicals, including the juniper, are sourced within Tlacolula.
  • Rested in glass for one year before bottling
  • This juniper-forward expression is complemented by fresh cucumber skin, sea salt, and tapioca root on the nose. The palate confidently displays lemongrass beautifully married with hues of clay, lemon verbena, green peppercorn, and a finish of pine resin and spearmint. Don’t be surprised when you find yourself sipping this gin neat.
  • 50% ABV


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