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LECARRÉ VS French Brandy is produced by a family-run distiller based in France that is now the 7th generation. Thanks to its expertise in distillation but also in ageing back from 1830, LECARRÉ is committed to highlight the finest brandies. VERY SPECIAL

Distillation and aging - Our raw material is grape. We carefully select acid white grape varieties to produce delicate wines for distillation.

The distillation process is made with two different kind of pot stills ;
traditional double-distillation copper alembic and “Coffey-type” column still.
Double distilling process in copper stills brings smoothness and fruitiness as
coffey still brings spiciness and complexity. This distillation process is a key
component to reveal LECARRÉ signature and identity.

Following the distillation, LECARRÉ fresh distillates are transferred into
French oak barrels to rest and mature slowly in our humid cellars turning them
into elegant and mature spirits that will be harmoniously blended by the cellar
master. The aging process is essential to develop aromas, colors and complexity
of the future blend.


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