Volans Tequila Reposado 750ml

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‘Rested’ in carefully selected, very used American White Oak Barrels for under one year. They are very proud of their agave so it is light on butter, vanilla, cinnamon and clove. The minerality and agave are the star!

The distillery Nom 1579 El Pandillo in Jesus Maria, Jalisco in the highlands of Los Altos was voted best distillery three years in a row. Master Distiller Felipe Camarena, of the Camarena family of tequila makers created and designed his distillery to be efficient and sustainable while keeping with long held traditions to the process of making tequila. He began construction of El Pandillo in 2007 after spending most of his life working at the family distillery “La Alteña” in Arandas, Jalisco, Mexico and continues to expand and evolve.  While making tequila his whole life Felipe was also trained as a civil engineer. His innovative designs for the production of his tequilas are unique to the to the tequila industry. The ovens have been built with steam jets placed at the bottom and top of the oven, Ensuring the agaves cook evenly. They slow cook their fully mature Blue Agave for 22 hours at 94 degrees, then let them cool for another 24-36 hours. Felipe calls his shredder “Igor,” hand built and designed to use special steel blades to grind up large cooked agaves quickly, gravity fed and using only a 15-horsepower electric motor. His mechanical tahona was made from spare parts found in a junkyard. A steamroller wheel with bolts soldered to it and powered by a small electric motor it does the work traditionally done by a mule or tractor. He created warming tanks for his mosto (fermented agave juice)  by using the heat coming off the top of the copper pot stills. The Mosto ferments for  5 days. Even going as far as insulating his copper stills to retain heat so he uses less energy.  The water used in fermentation and distillation of agave can add to the flavor profile of tequila, so the roof of the distillery is a rainwater collection system, leading to a 200,000 liter underground storage tank. They also source their water from a natural spring and deep well on the property. Felipe continues to create new designs for the distillery. With even more patents pending El Pandillo will continue their contribution as a leader of innovations within the tequila community. 


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