Distillerie Mette Eau de Vie Pear Williams 375ml

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  • Eau-de-vie distilled in Ribeauvillé, Haut-Rhin, in the Alsace region of France
  • Distilled from Poire Williams (known as Bartlett Pears in the US); the fruit is picked and stored in small wooden boxes (5 kg maximum) to allow for further, even ripening
  • Crushed and then fermented for eight weeks in fiberglass tanks with no additional sugar or yeast
  • Twice distilled on a Charente-style copper pot still
  • After distillation, the eau-de-vie is placed in stainless steel vats for 6–8 years. These vats are kept in an outdoor courtyard and the opening covered in mesh so that the spirit may blow off unwanted esters and benefit from fluctuation in temperature.
  • Approximately 11 pounds of pears are required to produce one 375 ml bottle of eau-de-vie
  • Pungent green pear skin & cinnamon stick on the nose transitions to a full mouthfeel that hints at white and purple flowers with an underlying note of sweetened red bean paste before finishing dry and dusty
  • 42% ABV

A joyous translation of dimensional pear flavors, this is an eau-de-vie that verily expresses the Williams Pear but with a personality unlike any other in the Skurnik portfolio.


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