Giffard Cassis Noir de Bourgogne 750ml

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  • A classic cocktail ingredient and crucial addition to Giffard’s Premium range of liqueurs which highlight ingredients with unique origins and specific varieties of botanicals with celebrated aromas and flavors
  • Giffard harvests local and highly prized, fresh “Noir de Bourgogne” cassis berries from the Loire Valley each July.
  • A slow maceration ensures depth of flavor and richness, capturing the distinctive dark berry and vegetal notes of black currant.
  • The Cassis de Noir de Bourgogne smells of ripe fruit with a touch of black pepper and eucalyptus. The palate is tart and tannic on account of the cassis berries. The crisp, piquant berry flavor fades when chilled, bringing out bracing vegetal notes.
  • 20% ABV 

Exclusively made from “Noir de Bourgogne” cassis berries from the Loire Valley, these rich, intense, and aromatic dark berries are the classic choice used in both a Kir and a Kir Royale. Try a splash in blanc vermouth with soda for a traditional French apèro cocktail!


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