Giffard Creme de Peche 750ml

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  • Peach liqueur produced by Giffard in Angers, France
  • A staple of Giffard’s Specialty range of classic liqueurs and Crème de fruits which aim to achieve the uncompromised taste of whole, natural fruits
  • Base spirit distilled from sugar beets
  • Giffard’s peaches are sourced less than 100km away from the renowned Côteaux du Lyonnais region and have delicate flesh with a vibrant red color and soft, sweet nectar.
  • Because of their late summer ripening, these unique peaches with their scarlet-blushed flesh are harvested during their fleeting window in late August.
  • A nose of peach pie, mango, and melon with light floral notes of honeysuckle precedes a palate taste of pure white peach flesh with hints of honey and orange blossom.
  • 16% ABV.

Giffard’s Crème de Peche de Vigne is produced with an heirloom variety of peach often planted amongst grapevines, hence their name, “Peach of the Grapevine”. This liqueur speaks of the juiciest peach, balanced with just the right amount of acidity.


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