Ohishi Whisky Brandy Cask 10 Year 750ml

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  • Japanese rice whisky produced by Ohishi Distillery in Mizukami, Japan
  • Distilled from a combination of estate-grown and locally sourced malted and unmalted grains
  • An initial seven-day clay pot fermentation period is kickstarted with white koji seed
  • A second, fourteen-day fermentation period takes place in stainless steel
  • Distilled in stainless steel pot stills
  • Aged in ex-brandy casks for 10 years
  • Wet leather, cherry, prune, and dried mushroom lead on the nose; the palate is soft and oily with flavors of pear, cherry, molasses, and Oloroso sherry; the finish is drying with oak, sea salt, and red apple skin
  • 43.9% ABV (ABV may vary batch to batch)

By using brandy casks for maturation, the elegance of Ohishi’s distillate is allowed to shine as it interplays with French oak and residual brandy. The resulting whisky shows surprising character, bridging the gap between Ohishi’s house style of rice whisky and a fine Brandy de Jerez.


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