Song Cai Dry Gin 750ml

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  • Vietnamese dry gin produced by Sông Cái Distillery in Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Native and heirloom Vietnamese botanicals include mắc khén (Indian prickly ash), mác mật fruit, bưởi diễn (pomelo from Diễn village), and vỏ quế (cinnamon bark)
  • Juniper sourced from Macedonia; all other botanicals locally sourced in collaboration with Vietnamese highland mountain communities
  • Neutral spirit produced from rice and molasses
  • Botanicals are grouped by their flavor profiles and volatility, macerated in neutral spirit, and separately distilled before blending
  • Distilled in direct-fire copper alembic pot stills
  • Huge aromas of piney, citrusy juniper with cinnamon, star anise, tangerine, and lime peel; juniper-like mác mật fruit echoes through the palate with black peppercorn, rosewater, and grapefruit; fresh ginger and prickly ash on a vibrant, piquant finish
  • 45% ABV

Vietnam’s flagship Dry expression is a true gin lover’s gin! Unabashedly spicy and citrusy on account of a backbone of juniper and mác mật fruit, its punchy botanical profile makes it the perfect gin for any cocktail application—from Gin & Tonics to dry Martinis—while the proof and spice provide an ideal base for botanically complex cocktails like a Negroni.


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